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Oxfordshire Motorhome Hire makes finding your perfect local motorhome quick and painless!

Oxfordshire Motorhome Hire was started in 2011 by Sarah and Charlie Packer to hire out our own family motorhome. As circumstances changed and our family grew, our business became less practical and we began passing hires onto other private owners wanting (like us) to help fund their hobby. Now, by simply popping a few details into our online form, you can instantly reach out to many local private motorhome owners – to discover the very best vehicle available near you.

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Tell us all about what you’re planning using our 1 min ‘Get Quotes’ service and our friendly owners will immediately let you know where they are, how they can help – and what they have to offer.

Providing a totally transparent and personal service, we cut out all the greedy middle-men by connecting responsible hirers direct with enterprising owners – without further commotion, commission or complication! We make the whole experience simple and fun, with limitless pictures of each vehicle and comprehensive descriptions of both the vehicle itself and the story behind the people offering it.

What you’re quoted is all you’ll pay!

All of us still remember that slightly daunting feeling of taking off in a motorhome for the very first time – so we all ensure you’re 100% happy and confident before you leave: explaining everything in plain English and giving you all the time you need to feel ready to hit the open-road!

We constantly strive to be ultra competitive on price, and believe that we offer the very best value available! We have low overheads and make sure our prices are always rock bottom and never sneak any unexpected charges in the back door!

Motorhome Hire is Surprisingly Straightforward!

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We explain everything in a down to earth, understandable way; encouraging all those seemingly silly questions! So along with our comprehensive guide backing up everything you need to know – you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips to drive off into the sunset with a smile on your face.

And should the manual not cover it, we’re always at the end of the phone to talk you through any problems you may have!

All of us at Oxfordshire Motorhome Hire we strive to make your whole Motorhome Hire Experience straightforward, enjoyable and affordable right from first contact through to the handing back of the keys.

Find Out More in Our Book Detailing Our First 3 Years of Hiring Out Our Motorhome!

motorhome hire ownerI’ve been asked so often about what Motorhome Hire is like as a business that we decided to put our experiences down in writing. Many people seem to wrongly think it will be ‘money-for-nothing’ while others pessimistically think it will undoubtedly ‘all end in tears’.

The truth is somewhere in between, so rather than keep explaining it – we decided to write it all down and create a book both for people looking to start a similar business, and to potential Hirers looking to better understand what the industry is really like and get a better idea of how to choose the right Hire Company for them.

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Oxfordshire Motorhome Hire was originally started by me (Sarah) in 2011 by Hiring out my own motorhome. It has since grown into what you might call ‘a collective’, featuring various other local motorhome owners happy to rent out their Motorhomes too. Because we are so small we promise the friendliest, most straightforward and transparent service – with a straightforward and honest pricing structure that hides no nasty surprises…

We already Guarantee the best Motorhome Hire Prices and the Friendliest Service in Oxfordshire!