How Do I Hire Out My Motorhome?

Hiring Out Your Motorhome is Simple through Oxfordshire Motorhome Hire

How it works…

I offer 3 simple options to get you started…

  1. Subscribe to communications and we will send you all the 1000+ enquiries we receive each year – straightforward and easy as that!
  2. Let me build you your own web page to showcase both you and your vehicle to add weight to your subscription and increase bookings.
  3. Via our sister site purchase my complete Starter Package‘ which includes a web listing and all the information, paperwork and resources you could ever need to get your business running without any further risk or investment in time or effort!


Rent out your motorhome:

  1. Package PictureOur published Paperback Book which details ‘my family’s story’ describing all the high’s, lows and triumphs we initially went through starting our own ‘driveway Hire business.
  2. A comprehensive 130 page ‘ring-bound’ Start-up Guide outlining all the legalities, considerations and actions we used to operate our first ‘driveway’ business so successfully.
  3. A CD Rom jammed with all the Marketing, Sales and Process Paperwork and resources you need to promote and operate your business – which you can adapt and use to give your business a flying start!

The Starter Package really does contain everything we learned to enable you to fully understand:

• Both the manageable risks and the realistic rewards
• How to get ‘business minded’ (as this is business – not a hobby!)
• How to research and understand the market
• Pricing policy
• How to adopt the ‘right’ approach
• The importance of a brand and identity
• Choosing a suitable vehicle
• Insurance and breakdown etc.
• Other necessary equipment and considerations
• Creating a those vital ‘Terms and Conditions’
• Contracts
• Managing the booking process
• Hand-over processes and considerations
• Marketing and Sales
• Decide whether this really is a business for you!


Hire  Your Motorhome Package is ideal for…

  • 2 berth motorhome oxfordshirePerhaps you’ve recently retired and are sitting on a pension lump sum you want to both invest and enjoy?
  • Perhaps you already own a motorhome but always feared hiring it out was too complicated, risky or time consuming?
  • Perhaps you’re looking to start a part time business that takes up minimal time and offers fantastic rewards?
  • Or perhaps you simply fancy spending a few months touring Europe and making a decent part-time wage with minimum time commitment the rest of the year? Find out more

The Complete Starter Package Contains:

1. Paperback Book

I’ve been there, seen it, done it and still wear the Motorhome Hire T shirt! I know that this business is great, but will not suit everyone. There is much hype about the business both good and bad – so we wrote a book to offer a truly balanced account of our own experiences – an honest and sometimes funny account of the trials and tribulations of running a Driveway Motorhome Hire Business.

2. A 130 Page, A4 ‘Start-Up’ Guide

My 130 page, A4 ‘ring-bound’ Start-Up Guide is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to give you the practical A, B, C steps needed to build a motorhome hire business. We made sure our business model involved little thought and polished it so it was simple to operate and truly suited our needs. This guide contains everything you need to know to run a business like ours:-

1. Introduction
2. What you MUST have in place first:
a. Legislation
b. Vehicle
c. Accommodation
d. Motor Insurance
e. Breakdown cover
i. Public Liability Insurance
3. Vehicle Standards
4. Pricing and Risk Assessment
5. Taking Payment
6. Marketing
7. Dealing with Enquiries
8. Booking Process
9. Preparing Your Vehicle for Hire
10. On Day of Hire
a. Paperwork
b. Handover Procedure
11. During Hire Period
12. Day of Return
13. Following the Hire
14. Summary


3. Forms, paperwork and other resources

All the fully customisable, printable resources I used in my business is included and everything you will need to get started and run your business. Motorhome Hire is not too paperwork intensive, but for legal/insurance reasons does need to be documented. I provide all the day-to-day resources and paperwork you may need without further work or investment in time or money.

It includes information and resources to help you:

Market Your Business
• Deal with Enquires
• Make Sales
• Booking Paperwork including:

*Email templates,

*Booking forms,

*Drivers declaration,

*Terms and conditions,


*Follow up communication

Vehicle Paperwork including:

*Hand over sheets


*Accident form


4. A Steady Flow of Local Enquiries…

Your new business is not a business without customers! To provide you with plenty of these too, our monthly subscription gives you full unfiltered access to every enquiry that comes in via our ENQUIRY FORM. Actual numbers cannot be guaranteed, but going by past annual figures, I can be 99% certain to send you over 1000 genuine and locally based enquiries each year!

5. A page feature on this website

Get instant exposure to over 1700 unique people per month searching for Motorhomes in the Oxfordshire Area.

6. National Listing

Finally, as a bonus to help get your business started and your name ‘out there’ I am also offering access to all the enquiries that come through our fledgling national website


What’s the Cost?

To run a successful Motorhome Hire Business you absolutely must have a steady flow of enquiries (ideally far more enquiries than you can ever deliver – so you can pick-and-choose). Google delivers 99% of enquiries and a good website is essential! Now I know what you’re thinking: “I’ll just build my own website”! OK, you can, but assuming its really GREAT and built at a reasonable cost (£600+?), it takes a whole lot of more work and know-how to get to the top of Google and other Search Engines – and even then it takes months, even years to climb the rankings.

You see, the cold, hard reality is – “if your website isn’t top of page 1 of Google – right now – you may as well not exist”! The cost is high, the time required is prodigious – and even if you build a great website, you’re very unlikely to ever make it onto page 1 – let alone up the TOP!

We have been on the top of all search engines for 4 years!

Try ‘Googling’ ‘Motorhome Hire Oxford, Oxfordshire, Bicester, Banbury, Aylesbury, ‘Motorhome Hire Glastonbury’ , Camper Rental Oxford etc. and there we are again and again and again – right at the top!

I appreciate that it is hard to pay for something you don’t understand the true value of (yet), but the annual cost of listing  is covered with just a few days hire – and from there on, unlike other agencies – YOU GET TO KEEP ALL YOUR PROFIT! START MAKING PROFIT

Subscription Fees are payable a month in arrears – and this means you really remain in control and You Only Pay For Enquiries and Bookings You Have Already Received – Not For Promises That May Never Materialise!


There is absolutely no tie-in period, which means You are Free To Cancel At Any Time if you are not 100% happy with the number and quality of enquiries we send you. (We’ll even refund your last months payment if you so wish.)

Subscribe to our mailing list that delivers (on average) over 1000 enquiries per year for just:

Subscription Fee’s (per vehicle)

  • 6 Berth Motorhome PCM £35
  • 4 Berth Motorhome PCM £30
  • 2 Berth Motorhome PCM £25
  • 2-4 Berth Camper PCM £20

Your Own Webpage £87

Add your own unique webpage on this site for just £87 one-off fee! This helps greatly when responding to enquiries by giving you somewhere for would-be-hirers to take a good look and get to know both you and your vehicle. As long as you have and active subscription, your web-page will help convert enquiries into the cold hard cash generated by bookings!

My Complete Motorhome Hire Starter Package £197

The valuable information this package contains took me countless hours of hard-work to produce. It is the culmination and results of years of practical experience in the ‘driveway’ Motorhome Hire industry, and aimed squarely at the private motorhome owner with common sense and enthusiasm – but no previous knowledge or experience in hiring vehicles to the public.

Although this full package is not cheap, I Guarantee you will be delighted! I know from hard-earned experience it will save you countless hours of hard-work and heartache! It contains everything you need to get going offers unbelievable value -– and the total cost could easily be recouped with just 1 single summer day of hire! FIND OUT HOW


“Can I hire out my Motorhome”? You sure can with Oxfordshire Motorhome Hire!