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“We’re Sarah and Charlie Packer and we launched Oxfordshire Motorhome Hire with just our family motorhome in 2011. It’s fun and certainly profitable – but perhaps not for everyone”!

Find out what the ‘Driveway’ Motorhome Hire business is really like…

We started Oxfordshire Motorhome Hire in 2011 after an accident forced Charlie’s retirement from the Fire Service. Circumstance forced change upon us, but in hind-sight it was the best thing that could have happened. We went on to earn an average of £16,000 a year for the next 4 years, working hard but very much part-time, using just our single family vehicle, from our own driveway – via this website.

Book Cover - How to 2Not only did our business go from strength-to-strength – so did our whole way of looking at life! The experience of creating a brand new business from scratch lit a whole new entrepreneurial spark and changed our outlook along with our fortunes.

“Hiring out our motorhome certainly made us money – but it wasn’t all plain sailing!

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The book is candid, and tells it like it was for us. We have absolutely no vested interest in persuading anyone whether motorhome hire is something that will suit you. We know it worked and still works extremely well for us, but also know that some people shouldn’t touch it with a barge pole! Our e-book is written to give you both an entertaining read, and the cold, hard  information you need to form your own opinion.

In 2011 we did our homework, took the risks, learnt the lessons – and in 2016 we’re still going strong…

How did this Book come about?

Book Rear Cover MHFHWhy are we giving away our ‘secrets’ in a book? Well, in 2015, due to overwhelming customer demand, we opened our doors to other local motorhome owners looking to hire out their vehicles. We were asked advice right from day one.

Their rightful concerns heard were:-

  • Can I really be successful as you?
  • Is it really profitable?
  • Will people abuse our vehicle?
  • What about insurance cover?
  • What if something gets broken?
  • What if they have an accident?
  • What if it gets stolen?
  • Is there loads of paperwork?
  • How do I show people round?
  • How do I deal with the finances?
  • How much money is there to be made?!

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We put our new owners minds at rest over all these questions and lots of others besides in our ‘Owners Start-Up Package’. We included all the information and resources we still used to hire out our own vehicle – to enable our new Oxfordshire owners run their new business as successfully as we did. In 2015, this information helped 6 other local motorhome owners to make money from their camper vans – not lose it! In 2016 we’ve so far taken on another 2!

Understand the rewards and potential risks. Including…

  • family motorhome5 UK Legislation and Legalities
  •  How to get ‘business minded’
  • How to research and understand the ‘market’
  • Pricing policy
  • How to adopt the ‘right’ approach
  • How to Manage Risk
  • The importance of a brand and identity
  •  Choosing a suitable vehicle
  • Insurance and breakdown considerations etc.
  •  Other necessary equipment and considerations
  •  Creating a those vital ‘Terms and Conditions’
  • Contracts
  • Managing the booking process
  • Hand-over processes and considerations
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Decide whether this really is a business for you!

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Sally and Andrew's Chausson in Northampton

Sally and Andrew’s Chausson in Northampton

Who’s this Book for?

Do you want to better understand the business as you’re looking to go on a motorhome holiday? Perhaps you’ve recently retired and fancy buying and hiring out a new camper van? Perhaps you already own a motorhome – but always feared hiring it out way too complicated, risky or time consuming?

If you think Renting Out Your Motorhome or Camper van might be a great solution for you but you’re not sure whether the risks are really worth the rewards – you can get the FULL picture, instantly with all the tips and tricks we learned through our many years of experience…

We motorhome owners portraitBuilding our business took us countless hours of hard-work and this book is the culmination and the results of our years of practical experience in the Driveway Motorhome Hire industry. It is  aimed squarely at the private motorhome owner furnished with little more than common sense and enthusiasm. No previous knowledge or experience in hiring vehicles to the public (as we didn’t when we started). If you’re not sure whether motorhome hire is for you, this book will make your mind up once and for all!

We Guarantee you will be delighted! The book is penned by a published author and all information has been put together with care and attention – using hard-earned know-how and experience. We believe it offers unbelievable value to those (like us 5 years ago) are not quite sure of the full implications, and might just save you the countless hours of hard-work and heartache!

It contains everything you need to know to make up your mind once and for all!

Good luck whatever you choose to do

Charlie and Sarah

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